The Otter Room’s Notre Dame-Miami (OH) Predictions

#Maction coming to Notre Dame Stadium.

Taylor Seale – Notre Dame 63, Miami (OH) 21 (Record: 3-0, ATS: 3-0)

“-21 is a big line, but I think we hit it.”

Ka Hin Lee – Notre Dame 34, Miami (OH) 14 (Record: 2-1, ATS: 2-1)

“If living in Ohio didn’t, this gridiron travesty will surely break the spirits of the hapless Miami players #insight.”

Mike O’Connor – Notre Dame 49, Miami (OH) 14 (Record: 1-2, ATS: 1-2)

“Barring the long rumored Big Ben return, Miami stands no chance against an uncharacteristically underestimated Irish squad.”

Dan Bettencourt – Notre Dame 41, Miami (OH) 13 (Record: 3-0, ATS: 3-0)

“Miami of Ohio? More like Miami of OhiNo. Amirite??”

Beau Dolan – Notre Dame 28, Miami (OH) 24 (Record: 1-2, ATS: 1-2)

“Close game because Brandon clearly responds well to my negative stimulus.”

Joe Wirth – Notre Dame 52, Miami (OH) 27 (Record 3-0, ATS: 3-0)

“Prime letdown game for the Irish. Redhawks will come out firing and will have the lead in the second quarter before ND’s physicality takes its toll.”

Guest Picker: Bobby Shields – Otter Room Southwest Ohio Bureau Chief – Notre Dame 45, Miami (OH) 14

“I feel it in my bones.”

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