The Otter Room’s Notre Dame-Michigan State Predictions

Can’t read, can’t write week.

Taylor Seale – Notre Dame 34, Michigan State 24 (Record: 2-0, ATS: 2-0)

“Michigan State’s defense struggles to read the Notre Dame defense, don’t write this off though. The game will be close until the Irish pull away in the fourth quarter.”

Ka Hin Lee – Notre Dame 132, Michigan State 113 (Record: 1-1, ATS: 1-1)

“Wimbush messes around and gets a triple-double.”

Mike O’Connor – Notre Dame 35, Michigan State 10 (Record: 0-2, ATS: 0-2)

“As Catholics have for centuries, Notre Dame thrives to spite the non-believers.”

Dan Bettencourt – Notre Dame 34, Michigan State 24 (Record: 2-0, ATS: 2-0)

“The Spartans can take their swords and stick it where the sun don’t shine.”

Beau Dolan – Michigan State 28, Notre Dame 24 (Record: 1-1, ATS: 1-1)

“Trying to light a fire under Brandon’s ass.”

Joe Wirth – Notre Dame 24, Michigan State 13 (Record 2-0, ATS: 2-0)

“Statement game for Irish. Defense holds Spartans offense in-check and makeup for Wimbush’s mistakes.”

Guest Picker: Alvin Hu – Notre Dame 39, Michigan State 20

“We have a great running game. Also, if we win, Michigan State will have no rivalry trophies left.”

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