I Made a Mistake…

Guys I screwed up. I had a perfect money making system in my hands and I went ahead and jinxed it.

Historically, fading Joe was sure thing. Quotes like these were thrown around with reckless abandon:

“Heard it here first Florida A&M over Alabama lock of the century. My Rattlers, you don’t just walk into Bragg Memorial Stadium and expect to come out with a W.” – Joe Wirth (probably)

All I had to do was sit back, ignore all of the bullshit flying towards me, and make the smart play. Like taking money from a literal newborn baby who has no concept of theft, let alone the value of legal tender.

Then I got too cocky, I let you all in on the secret. I was a pitcher rolling into the dugout in the 6th and saying: “hey guys, did you see I’ve got a no-hitter going?”.

Me at that time.

So I’m taking a step back to re-evaluate my choices. Listen, I know in my heart of hearts that fading Joe is the right move, but maybe I was just ahead of my time. Y’all weren’t ready and I apologize.


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