The Sandlot is Still Great :)

I had a disappointing moment earlier this year re-watching Air Bud and realizing… that movie actually kinda sucked.

After that shocking revelation there was a lot of fear going into my first viewing of The Sandlot since receiving a high school diploma. Would it live up to my own hype?

That movie was a staple of my childhood, I wanted so badly to be Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez and who amongst hadn’t dreamed of working up the balls to kiss the lifeguard? Or buying a pair of PF Flyers? As an added bonus, it was filmed in Utah where I grew up. Playing baseball out at Fort Buenaventura, at times my life felt like The Sandlot.

The stakes were high, but sure as the sky is blue… that movie still fucking rules.

The Sandlot literally could not exist today:

But, it will still live fondly in my memory forever, forever, fooooorrreeevverrrr, fooreeeveeeerrrrrr….

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