Is there room in the College Football Playoff for a 5 loss Notre Dame team?

Traditionally a berth in the 4 team College Football Playoff has been awarded to teams with 1 loss or fewer and a name that isn’t Baylor.

Notre Dame currently sits at 2-5. A record which hasn’t exactly inspired chants of “We want Bama” from the fans outside of the J-Lot.

But why shouldn’t we want Bama?

Sabermetrics Fact: back of the napkin math (s/o to Wikipedia) shows that during the CFP era undefeated teams have a winning percentage of .333 in the postseason while 5 win teams sit at .447… is that better?

While you could argue that this is an exploitation of sample size (there just haven’t been a lot of playoff games featuring undefeated teams). I choose to remain ignorant.

Come Selection Sunday this number will be in the back of every committee member’s mind.

As long as ND can stave off that 6th loss, our CFP hopes are alive and well.

And hey in a system invented by this guy:

Anything is possible.

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