The Otter Room’s Notre Dame-Navy Predicitions

What’s more fun than playing the triple option in freezing rain?

Taylor Seale – Notre Dame 28, Navy 17 (Record: 8-1, ATS: 7-2)

“Notre Dame fails to cover the spread. Weather conditions and the Miami hangover doom the Irish..”

Ka Hin Lee – Notre Dame XX, Navy XX (Record: 6-2, ATS: 3-5)

Could not be reached for comment. Last seen in the safe at the Bellagio

Mike O’Connor – Notre Dame: 56, Navy 10 (Record: 6-3, ATS: 3-6)

“Notre Dame takes out its frustration on the unfortunate Midshipmen.”

Dan Bettencourt – Notre Dame 28, Navy 10 (Record: 8-1, ATS: 6-3)

“Complete respect for our armed forces. This will be a good game to watch as we restart our winning streak against our old rival.”

Beau Dolan – Notre Dame 21, Navy 17(Record: 3-6, ATS: 3-6)

“Navy injures Trojan Horse running back Brandon Wimbush and my boy Ian Book rides in on a white horse.”

Joe Wirth – Notre Dame 52, Navy 21 (Record 8-1, ATS: 6-3)

“Good Notre Dame teams pound Navy, especially this beat up version. Irish will be too big and strong up front and pile up at least 400 yards rushing.”

Guest Picker: Andrew “Screech” McKernan – Notre Dame 31, Navy 14

“Irish come out slow and play uninspired football, while Navy takes a lead against poor option D. ND finally regains their identity and runs the ball behind Deon McIntosh as Wimbush tries to overcome his Miami meltdown..”

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