The Otter Room’s Notre Dame-Miami Predictions

Catholics vs. Convicts. Enough said.

Taylor Seale – Notre Dame 42, Miami 17 (Record: 8-0, ATS: 7-1)

“Miami has struggled to cover the spread at home. ND adding another statement win. Plus, Catholics > Convicts.”

Ka Hin Lee – Notre Dame 35, Miami 21 (Record: 6-1, ATS: 3-4)

The ‘Canes D is gonna be sore after Adams is done stomping on it

Mike O’Connor – Notre Dame: 42, Miami 14 (Record: 6-2, ATS: 3-5)

“Irish survive the tropical storms.”

Dan Bettencourt – Notre Dame 28, Miami 21 (Record: 8-0, ATS: 6-2)

“Something, something, something convicts. Irish pull through it what will end up the crowning achievement on their way to the College Football Playoff.”

Beau Dolan – Miami 28, Notre Dame 21 (Record: 2-6, ATS: 2-6)

“ND falls behind early and has no passing game to catch up. Wimbush proves he’s not by quarterback.” 

Joe Wirth – Notre Dame 35, Miami 17 (Record 8-0, ATS: 6-2)

“Miami’s lone good win is against a marginal Virginia Tech team at home. They have faced just one rushing offense in the top-70 this season and they haven’t been punched in the mouth like they will Saturday.

Guest Picker: Dom Lucero – Miami 38, Notre Dame 31

 (Better pictures were unavailable due to the untimely death of Durt McGurt. RIP. Forever in our hearts)

“Because I’m cynical as fuck.”

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