The Otter Room’s Notre Dame-N.C. State Predictions

Cold, but no hurricanes.

Taylor Seale – Notre Dame 35, N.C. State 24 (Record: 6-0, ATS: 6-0)

“First win with our back’s up against the wall.” 

Ka Hin Lee – Notre Dame 28, N.C. State 21 (Record: 5-1, ATS: 3-3)

“Notre Dame has the momentum and the run game will prevail.”

Mike O’Connor – Notre Dame: MORE, N.C. State LESS (Record: 4-2, ATS: 3-3)

“Us over them. The South will not rise again.”

Dan Bettencourt – Notre Dame 34, N.C. State 17 (Record: 6-0, ATS: 5-1)

“Josh Adams pushes his Heisman candidacy eve further with another huge day – mostly because he heard about Beau’s tattoo promise.”

Beau Dolan – N.C. State 21, Notre Dame 17 (Record: 2-4, ATS: 1-5)

“As any good gambler knows, if it has come up black too many times in a row, the next one has to be red.” (Editor’s Note: Everything is 50:50)

Joe Wirth – Notre Dame 31, N.C. State 21 (Record 6-0, ATS: 4-2)

“Normally, I would think this would be ideal for a letdown, but because NC State is so highly ranked, I think that factor gets thrown out the window. In an odd way, NC State would have a better chance to win if they were coming into this game at 4-3 and under the radar. That’s not saying they can’t win, but they do have Notre Dame’s full attention. I think the Wolfpack will keep the ND rushing attack relatively at bay, but I really think Stepherson’s emergence as someone who can stretch a defense is huge for the Irish and will be the difference. N.C. State is a program that has a ton of NFL talent, but rarely win big games.”

Guest Picker: David “Big Papi” Jones (nickname was at his request – kinda racist if you ask me) – N.C. State 35, Notre Dame 24

“Classic letdown game. Coming off a very emotional win that garnered a large mass of national press accolades, ND has to now prepare for another op-15 opponent that matches up strength to strength. N.C. State will force Wimbush to throw and lead to an inconsistent offense. The Irish will allow scored not because of bad defense, but due to being on the field for so long. Once we get our offensive rhythm going, we will be playing catch-up, which our offense is not suited for. I sincerely hope my prediction is wrong.”

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