Houston Astros Advance To 2017 World Series

After seven games, the Astros become the first team to advance to a World Series by winning all four games at home since the St. Louis Cardinals did the same to them in 2004.

Fun Fact: They also become the first team to win both an NL and AL Pennant.

After taking a commanding 2-0 lead heading into New York the Houston offense disappeared as they dropped all three on the road.

Verlander’s performance in Game 6 was nothing short of remarkable and paved the way for a 4-0 Charlie Morton shutout in Game 7 to send Houston to their first World Series since 2005. Houston faithful will be hoping for a better outcome this time around.

The Otter Room will be onsite at Game 3 in Houston establishing home field advantage.

The combo of Notre Dame’s 49-14 victory over USC and the Astros advancing to the World Series is going to be tough sports night to beat…

On a personal note, there’s something poetic about the Astros matching up with the Dodgers in the Fall Classic. Astros bullpen coach Craig “Nacho” Bjornson and I spent several years in the clubhouse together with the Dodgers Rookie League Affiliate, the Ogden Raptors. Nacho was always gracious with his time, mixing a batboy in for BP, bullpen sessions, and even teaching me how to throw a curve. At times, I was pitching to Kenley Jansen behind the plate in the pen before he made the move from catcher to elite closer for the Dodgers… I can’t say I wish him all the best.

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