The Otter Room’s Notre Dame-North Carolina Predictions

No fake classes here.

Taylor Seale – Notre Dame 38, North Carolina 14 (Record: 4-0, ATS: 4-0)

“The offense under Ian Book slows down a little in a game where we should score 60+, but our athletes are better than their athletes.”

Ka Hin Lee – Notre Dame 35, North Carolina 14 (Record: 3-1, ATS: 2-2)

“They’re going to look like they have tar on their heels when they play us.”

Mike O’Connor – Notre Dame 31, North Carolina 24 (Record: 2-2, ATS: 2-2)

“Notre Dame loses focus with the bye and USC looming and nearly falls into the classic ND lazy loss. However, the dominant offense pulls this one out late.”

Dan Bettencourt – Notre Dame 38, North Carolina 17 (Record: 4-0, ATS: 4-0)

“Because I said so. I haven’t been exactly right yet, but there’s a first time for everything”

Beau Dolan – North Carolina 38, Notre Dame 24 (Record: 2-2, ATS: 1-3)

“A little hedging my bets. I’ve been too vocal about wanting Ian Book in for this to go well.”

Joe Wirth – Notre Dame 28, North Carolina 24 (Record 4-0, ATS: 4-0)

“Road game in the rain with a backup QB and a banged up running back corps – not a recipe for success no matter how bad UNC’s defense is. Game will be very reminiscent of UVA in 2015 with Irish finding a way to win ugly.”

Guest Picker: Jimmy Antoniotti – Notre Dame 24, North Carolina 9

“Wimbush sits, but running game can’t be stopped.”

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