The Otter Room’s Notre Dame-Georgia Predictions

We posted the season predictions, now what does the staff see happening on Saturday?

Taylor Seale: Georgia 42, Notre Dame 34

“Brain: Notre Dame’s offense keeps it close into the fourth quarter, but the Georgia running game is too much. Heart: Notre Dame 1,000,000 – Georgia 0. Go Irish, Fuck Georgia!”

Mike O’Connor: Notre Dame 35, Georgia 28

“The only defense will be each team’s incompetence at playing offense.”

Ka Hin Lee: Notre Dame 69 #nice, Georgia 14

“Justin Yoon connects on 23 field goals.”

Dan Bettencourt: Georgia 20, Notre Dame 17

“The Georgia two-headed monster at running back will prove victorious over the Irish front seven.”

Beau Dolan: Notre Dame 27, Georgia 24

“Notre Dame wins because dogs are scared of fire and defensive fundamentals.”

Joe Wirth: Georgia 27, Notre Dame 17

“This prediction is subject to change as I gain more J Lot and booze exposure Saturday. However, my SECPTSD is still strong.”

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  1. Wish I could find a bookie as I luv me some Bulldog. ND had some trouble stopping the Temple running backs in the first half. Now they have to stop TWO studs. Ain’t happening. Sad to say

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