The Otter Room’s 2017 Notre Dame Predictions

Below are our writers’ predictions for Notre Dame’s 2017 record. Buckle up, there’s some astute, hard-hitting analysis below.

Taylor Seale: 10-2 – losses to Georgia and Stanford

“Reasonable loss to Georgia and inexplicable loss to Stanford. We get that marquee win at home vs. USC.”

Mike O’Connor: 9-3 – losses to Michigan State, Navy, Stanford

“You can’t fight the 300, you can’t fight boats, and you can’t fight trees. That’s my motto.”

Ka Hin Lee: 12-0

“Big Justin Yoon guy.”

Dan Bettencourt: 9-3 – losses to Georgia, North Carolina, Stanford

“Can’t wait to be wrong in a good way.”

Beau Dolan: 9-3 – losses to Michigan State, USC, Stanford

“Don’t smoke kids.”

Joe Wirth: 9-3 – losses to Georgia, USC, N.C. State

“ND scuffles through the first half of the year, but Irish find their groove and finish the season strong. Very reminiscent of Kelly’s first season in 2010.”

Happy Football everybody!

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