What Do I Do Now?

As I sit here on the first weekend of “Ordinary Time” to borrow a phrase from the Catholic Church, I wonder what do I do now?

See, for me, the sporting calendar is divided into two. From Labor Day weekend through last weekend, there is a marquee sporting event on every weekend.

The fall is dominated by pro and college football, college basketball takes over in mid-January, and The Masters concludes the season in early April.

After Augusta, the sporting landscape becomes pretty barren and I turn into a drug addict who stops cold turkey.

Sure the Triple Crown races are great, and The Players, US, and British Opens never disappoint, but that weekly rush you get from September-April is absent.

Yes, the NHL playoffs are spectacular, but with the Flyers already on the golf course, I don’t have any skin in the game to get the blood pumping.

Baseball is back, but 162-game schedule minimizes the importance of each game and the heart-stopping, stroke-inducing drama is still five months away.

I love baseball, but being an out-of-market Phillies fan ain’t easy. I have considered jumping on the Milwaukee Brewers bandwagon just so I have something to watch at night – desperate times call for desperate measures indeed.

Thank God this gap in the sporting calendar coincides with warmer temperatures, even in Wisconsin, because if it weren’t for the nice weather, I don’t know if I’d make it.

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