Is There Anything Worse Than The NBA All-Star Weekend?

Honest question. Is there anything worse in sports?

I can’t think of anything and thank God the Catholics vs. Convicts 30 for 30 was on or else I would be stuck watching that dreck.

The All-Star weekend starts out with a bullshit celebrity game full of B-lister wannabes and coached by two people contributing to the destruction of the Sportscenter brand.

If that punishment isn’t enough, Saturday brings about the skills and three-point competition as well as the slam dunk contest.

The skills competition is somewhat tolerable. It actually has elite players participating and feels like a competition instead of an exhibition.

The three-point contest isn’t bad, but how legitimate can it be when one of the best shooters of all-time does not compete in it? Larry Bird would never turndown an opportunity to showcase his shooting prowess on such a big stage.

The dunk contest caps off the night and it includes a bunch of nobodies who are buried on depth charts, one spot above the D League.

In the past, marquee players like MJ, Kobe, Dominique, and Vince Carter competed and won the dunk contest. It was seen a prestigious title and an important stepping stone in a player’s career. Instead, today’s marquee players use the dunk contest as a platform to showcase their fashion sense on the sidelines.

The weekend culminates with the All-Star game Sunday night, the biggest joke on the sporting calendar. In the 80s and 90s, sure there wasn’t the intensity of a regular season game, but players still competed – they wanted to win, especially when the game was close in the fourth quarter.

Defense in the all-star game was always semi-optional (hell, it’s semi-optional during most NBA games), but Sunday night’s game took it to another level. The utter indifference demonstrated by every player on the floor provided a brutal watch.

The storylines didn’t even revolve around the game, it was how Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook would interact in the locker room. The same banter that would accompany a high school girls’ feud.

I get that the game is for entertainment, but defense has to contribute for it to be so – it isn’t a shocker that tall, athletic, black guys can dunk when they are unguarded.

The All-Star game and the surrounding festivities glorifies the me-first attitude that permeates the entire league and represents everything wrong with modern sports. #Hottakes


Because the week is so “strenuous” and the players union as Adam Silver in their pocket, the players now have almost a week off before the regular season resumes.

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