Dunks Not Even Once.

On Saturday February 11th 2017 in the final moments of a revenge game against Florida State, this happened.

Steve Vasturias first career dunk was everything I dreamt it would be and more.

HOWEVAH (Stephen A. Smith voice) I’d be remised if I didn’t acknowledge the fear sweeping the hearts of Notre Dame nation.

Vasturia, once the poster boy for fundamental basketball and “the ultimate ‘feel for the game’ guard” - Mike Brey (ever heard of him?) is in danger of slipping into the cold grasps of showmanship.

People forget, Shaquille O’Neal once had his first career dunk and he wound up shooting free throws at a blistering 52.7% pace.

Tom Noie of Notre Dame Insider confirmed my fears when he liked this tweet from The Otter Room.

Tom Noie Tweet

Enjoy the 92% free throw clip now Notre Dame fans, it’ll be all windmill dunks and shattered backboards out of Vasturia from here on out.

The “Baby Faced Assassin” is now a man.

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