Otter Room to Host Catholics vs. Criminoles Tailgate Saturday at Mulligan’s

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For those of you who will be in the greater South Bend area Saturday, come by Mulligan’s Bar & Grill before the Notre Dame-Florida State game.

Many of the best Otter Room writers will be there signing autographs, handing out swag, and doing enough Irish Car Bombs to sufficiently establish a proper home-court advantage.


Such luminaries like Andrew “Screech” McKernan, Bobby “don’t feed me peanuts” Shields, and Gregor Shields are also scheduled to make an appearance.

It’s the go-to tailgate bar for any basketball game, and by go-to basketball bar, I mean I got really drunk there before the Louisville and UNC games last season and went 2-0, nbd.

The festivities will begin early in the afternoon, but stay tuned to The Otter Room Twitter and Facebook page for the most up to date details.

Go Irish! Beat Criminoles!

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