Shotgun Sports – Episode 10 (Fail)

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Our loyal listeners may be wondering what happened to their favorite weekly radio show – Shotgun Sports.

Of course, you are aware of the #FakeNews being spread by my co-hosts regarding the investigation into an alleged rigging of the Joe Wirth Mascot Challenge presented by Hall of Fame Listener Ryan McGushin. Don’t let their Alternative Facts fool you, I admitted fault fair and square and wiped the inaccurate “L” from Joe’s flawless record immediately upon posting the episode.

This “investigative committee” is nothing but a waste of your tax dollars and I for one will not stand for it.

*end rant*

In other news, we’ve been having a lot of trouble with our podcast recording software (s/o to Cast). As you know none of us are in the same place for recording so we can’t do the show if the software isn’t working.

As a consolation for missing both our weekly release and the promised mid-week makeup episode, I’ve spliced up what we were able to get recorded last Thursday.

It’s terrible, but if nothing else it shows we tried. As a reward I’ve treated myself to this sick medal, my co-hosts can maybe have one at the conclusion of this ludicrous investigation.


Stay tuned for an update on the status of Shotgun Sports post-Super Bowl.

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