Ongoing Investigation Press Release: Shotgun Sports Delayed

Shotgun Sports Loyal Listeners,

Recently there has been some scandal. I think we are all aware of the news that has been shaking Shotgun Sports nation, but it bears repeating. On January 22nd, 2017 one Taylor Seale was caught feeding a division III school to Joe Wirth, hereby known as “the people’s champ”. A clear violation of article 3 subsection E stating that all “Sports Autism” questions must reference NCAA division 1 institutions. This was following the already shocking revelation that the same Taylor Seale had used performance enhancing drugs provided by a suspect known only as “Reality Steve”. These drugs providing clear advantages in the popular sport of The Bachelor Fantasy betting. So those are the Cards on the table.

Alias: Reality Steve                 Suspected Number Two in the Taylor Seale Ring of Terror.

As promised I have been conducting serious investigation into these allegations, and all other offenses that might be discovered through this process. I am dubbing this “Extreme Vetting”. Although Taylor claims that he is innocent, and the there was no prior ban on Reality Steve usage, I prefer to stick to what I feel, also know as Replacement Facts.

These Investigations have been grueling, and have taken far longer than expected. Additionally there is an adjudication period to follow, where my colleges and I will review the facts, and determine the punishment. Thus, it is with a heavy heart that I must announce the postponement of this weeks Shotgun Sports episode until midweek. We do apologize and hope that you will join us to establish Taylor’s culpability, and to call in and be a part of what will be a new and clean Shotgun Sports Era. I thank you for your patience.

Warmest Regards,


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