Tommy “Turnover” Rees Hired As QB Coach At Notre Dame

My four years at Notre Dame will always be known as the Tommy Rees era…

“Take my picture with this ball so I look badass” - High School Tommy Rees (definitely)

To this day I’m still not completely convinced that Tommy had thrown a football prior to taking the starting job at Notre Dame. He was always sold as a football mind with none of the physical gifts, a reverse Dayne Crist if you will.

Yet despite all the inexplicable interceptions, his inability to outrun SBPD, and his embarrassing attempts at growing a mustache… Rees is the perfect hire for Kelly.

“New Season, New Me” - Tommy Rees (probably)

Never forget, without Tommy backing up Everett in the 2012 season we don’t make it to the Natty Ship. Nobody understands the thankless pressure of holding the position of Notre Dame Quarterback like Tommy Rees. His experience at the position will be an invaluable asset to a young Brandon Wimbush heading into the spotlight for the first time.

98% of Kelly’s communication with Tommy Rees happened on the verge of a complete mental and physical breakdown. Anyone capable of understanding a man in that state deserves a chance in my book.

“Do you maybe want to be the QB Coach in 2017?” - Brian Kelly

If nothing else… it’s going to make for some incredible coaching staff drama.

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