“You Know What My Favorite Ring Is? The Next One.”

Allow me to introduce myself, the name is Dan.  Feel free to forget that. I go by a lot of different monikers, something I’m sure you’re all aware of since you’ve been listening to each episode of Shotgun Sports. And if not, it’s time to go ahead and finally find out what you’ve been missing.

This article is dedicated to all the critics that told Tom Brady he’d never amount to nuttin. Since we’ve never met before, you may not know that I’m a diehard New England Sports fan. Sunday is a huge day for me. Nothing like a Conference Championship game to get the blood flowing.

Guess who’s back, back again, Brady’s back and I’ll be damned if he doesn’t win. This is his 11th championship game in his last 15 seasons (not counting 2008 which he missed). A 6-10 record in these games is nothing to laugh about.  Four of those six wins happened in Foxborough (where he’s only lost once). Also interesting, the Patriots and Steelers have twice met in the Conference Championship, and both times the Patriots beat them, 24-17 in 2001 & 41-27 in 2004 (both times they went on to win the Super Bowl).

We from the Nawf, yeah, dat way. Nothing in this life is guaranteed, but as one steeler’s fan said “It’s tough to bet against Brady 😩”. Le’Veon Bell, himself, tweeted in 2013 “Ppl are crazy if they think the Ravens are about to win this game…Tom Brady don’t lose in AFC championship games! lol.” Something he recently deleted once it was brought to the attention of Patriot Nation.


Got a high tolerance, when your age don’t exist. Ever since Brady’s meteoric rise to the top, he’s been dealing with hate from pretty much every person outside of New England (plus those traitors who are Giants fans, I’m looking at you O’Connor). But at this point in his life, what’s a bit of hate? He’s 39, has 4 Super Bowl rings, 3 Super Bowl MVPs, 12 Pro Bowl appearances, 2 League MVPs, the list of accolades goes on and on. Sorry bit of a man crush on Tom if you haven’t caught on yet. Let’s get to the matchup he’s going to be facing on Sunday.

My inhibition’s fighting my intuition, premature premonition, showing me the Steeler’s demolition. The big question going into this game is who will the Patriots shut down, Le’Veon or Antonio? If you’ve watched any of the Patriots games, you know that they always pick one part of a team’s game plan and make it a complete non-factor. My bet is they go with Le’Veon.  In the last 24 games the Patriots defense hasn’t allowed a rusher to gain more than 90 yards and I don’t expect that to change come Sunday. Antonio Brown is an X-Factor kind of player.  When he touches the ball anything could happen. However, I have a lot of faith in #21.  Either way it’s going to be a great matchup to watch purely as a fan of the game of football.

From player to player the game’s tight, the feelings mutual. As we saw when Tom and Ben both only had good things to say about one another during their interviews. When it comes to matching up, there’s no denying that both teams have played some good football this season. Offensively the Patriots have been on fire (to only Roger GoodBadell’s surprise), scoring 27.6 points per game and racking up 386.2 yards per game. Although the Steelers weren’t slacking this season either, scoring 24.9 points per game and racking up 372.6 yards, I gotta give the offensive advantage to the Patriots.

Mark my words though; the Pat’s defense don’t need acceptance. Butler will be catching interceptions on those innocent pedestrians (touchdown). We’re a bend don’t break kind of team and I don’t see that changing much against the Steelers on Sunday. This season the Patriots have allowed 15.6 points and 326.4 yards per game, compared to the Steelers 20.4 points and 342.6 yards per game. Defensive advantage goes to the Patriots. I think the only one who’s really tripping about the outcome of this game is Mike Tomlin.

They say every saint got a past, every sinner got a future, every loser gotta win and every winner gotta lose someday. Sunday will not be that day for the Patriots, bet.

Fun Fact before I end this, if the Patriots win they will tie the Steelers and the Cowboys for the most Super Bowl appearances at 8. If by some miracle the Steelers are able to pull off the unthinkable, they will pull away from the Cowboys and hold the top spot with 9 appearances!

Edit: The Patriots might have won, but my journalistic abilities took a bit of an L. I mistakenly said that the Patriots would end up making their 8th Super Bowl appearance, when in fact it will be their 9th! What a happy mistake, congrats to the New England Patriots on setting the record!

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