Shotgun Sports – Good News, Bad News

Here’s the bad news. Due to unforeseen circumstances we’re breaking away from our regularly scheduled programming this week. There will be no new episode of Shotgun Sports dropping on Monday morning 🙁

Beau took a romantic weekend getaway to Scranton (“The Electric City”).

Joe is currently in the electric chair toughing out the end of the Packers/Cowboys game.

Live look at Joe as the Cowboys trail 28-13 late in the 3rd Quarter.

The stars just didn’t align this week for Shotgun Sports.

Here’s the good news though …*drum roll*… we’ll be recording this weeks episode live tomorrow (January 16th) during The Bachelor (8 EST).

Officially sponsored by ABC

We have a phone line set up to take callers: (815) 255-3177 and we’ll be following The Otter Room account on Twitter for topics from our listeners: @otterroom.

Tune in, watch with us, be a part of the episode 🙂

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