Hello Old Friend: A Letter from the New York Giants to the Playoffs

Hello old friend,

It’s me again, the New York Football Giants. You may not recognize me, a lot has changed. Then again, a lot of things have stayed the same.


Hard to believe it was 6 years ago that I last graced your presence. Remember that? I still remember the surreal sense of deja vu I felt, even though we had not seen one another since 2007.

Back then I was showing off another fearsome defensive line, a penchant for miraculous passes, and the same reliable quarterback behind it all. This year my defense has shifted its expertise into the secondary; a new look, I know. Fret not, my wide receivers provide the same miraculous catches while the originator of the passes is still the reliable Rebel.

I’ve heard that you’ve invited an old friend to our gathering this Sunday; good. I’ve missed the Packers; a high-flying offense seldom ready for a real defense. I hope for our subsequent scheduled meeting you bring more old friends. I would especially love a rendezvous with the Pats.

I’m afraid I must go now, I’ve a boat trip to see to, but I will see you for the next few weekends. Please, bring Brady.

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