The Otter Room Remembers Gracie

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They say for every dog that leaves this world two more are born to take its place. Ignoring the overpopulation issue that this type of dog growth would incur I think it’s safe to say that a hundred newborn pups couldn’t fill the void that Gracie left when she was lost last night.

Gracie was not a normal dog. While others gave their food no chance to be tasted or enjoyed and instead wolfed it down with a blatant disregard for the careful dietary decisions their owners had made, Gracie was a regal creature. She waited for the food to settle, insisted that it be covered with shredded cheese for added flavor, and ate it kibble by kibble savoring each and every bite.

That said if there was a mess to be made, Gracie was there. I remember hearing stories of her bolting for a dead fish after a bath and rolling all over it, covering herself in the aroma to share with her loving family. Gracie was elegant for sure, but she never forgot her savage roots.

If I took anything away from the 1989 documentary film All Dogs Go To Heaven it’s the peace in knowing that Gracie now rests upstairs with the big man himself. Without a doubt, she’s putting her nose up at the meal he’s prepared for her…. he’ll learn the cheese trick soon enough.

Rest in Peace Gracie.


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