What’s the Verdict on “Liking” Your Own Tweets?

I took some heat the other day for liking one of my own tweets.

That’s a đŸ”„Â tweet and 3 whole people agree! At least from this birds eye view. You could dig deeper and if you did you’d discover 3 things.

  1. One of those likes is me
  2. Another is my fiance who I asked to like it
  3. The last is a rando who follows me because we have the same last name
  4. You’re a dick (bonus discovery)

The simple fact is that without my contribution that tweet would’ve been a 2 like disaster, sad.

I post on Twitter almost daily, it’s a great place to share your thoughts and use the fuck-word without immediately receiving a “you really shouldn’t post that” text from your mother. (sorry Mom)

And you know what… I like my tweets, so I like my tweets. I wouldn’t tweet them if I didn’t! Call it narcissism, stat boosts, juicing, or whatever you will. I’ll be liking my tweets as long as Twitter allows me to, feel free to do the same.


  1. Hello Taylor.

    Don’t worry. I do it all the time. I also use other accounts to like each other. I feel it gives them a boost until they start taking off on their own. Once they start taking off then maybe stop doing it.

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