Is Eli Manning the Most Overrated Player in NFL History? A Report from The Otter Room Investigative Team


In our latest installment of shitting on everything Mike holds dear, we take a deeper dive into Eli Manning’s mediocre career. With him being a product of the New York hype machine and a very mediocre quarterback who may or may not have Downs.

Manning’s career is the manifestation of a quarterback getting too much credit for a team’s success and the over-importance placed on Super Bowls reflecting a quarterback’s legacy.

His two Super Bowl wins were a product of an exceptional running game and incredible defensive efforts. In 2008, the Giants held the Patriots, one of the best offenses in NFL history, to 14 points and in 2012 they held a similarly potent New England attack to 17 points. You tell me who deserves the credit for those victories.

Any Eli basher will say that his Super Bowl wins were flukes built upon some of the luckiest plays in NFL history – they are right, but that is just the tip of the iceberg of evidence proving his overall mediocrity.

Let’s focus on the playoff runs in both Super Bowls and how in each instance, the NFC Championship game was given to the Giants. In 2007, Brett Favre threw an interception in overtime to setup New York’s game-winning field goal.

In 2011, after being outplayed throughout much of the game, the Giants backed doored their way to the Super Bowl when the 49ers muffed a punt in overtime and put the Giants in position for a chip-shot field goal.

In the ensuring years, Manning’s track record resembles that of a journeyman backup than any potential Hall of Famer.

Since the Giants’ last Super Bowl, Manning’s record is 28-36, does not have a playoff appearance, and has tallied two consecutive 6-10 seasons.

Manning has had three years in his career where he has thrown 20 or more interceptions including 2013, where he tossed a jaw-dropping 27 picks.

Manning also has the distinguished honor of being one of 67 quarterbacks in NFL history to post a 0.0 QB rating in a game and let me tell you that list is a who’s who of some of the worst quarterbacks in NFL history.

That memorable contest came in 2004 against the Vikings. In his defense, that was his rookie year, so what is the defense for the five other games in his career where he threw four or more interceptions?

Manning has the uncanny ability to throw some of the ugliest interceptions seen, unless they magically stick to a helmet.


After those throws, the always anticipated Eli Face makes an appearance. That should be a disqualifier right of that bat….seriously can you imagine a bust of that in Canton?

Listen, I’m not saying Eli is a bad quarterback, but the Hall of Fame talk is laughable. Two Super Bowls won largely on the backs of the defense does not change the fact that he has been a middle of the pack quarterback for most of his career.  


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