About the Author

He ran so fast; he was the best

– The End


About the author:

Mickey O’Connor is a very sweet and special boy. In the 5th grade he showed great literary promise when he took 3rd in the local spelling bee. Although he came in 3rd, he was happy in the knowledge that he would be going home to a loving mother. While he never expressed these sentiments exactly; she knew.


An artist’s rendering of Mickey’s mother. Though he never said it; she always knew his appreciation for her.

Would it have been nice to receive a letter or a simple gesture just once? Sure; but a mother needs no thanks, the reward of being a mother is enough in and of itself.

Although, the Smith children did bake for their mother after she lost her job. She didn’t even really earn their sympathy, she just showed up drunk to work one too many time. This was okay though because above all a mother is nurturing and forgiving; eschewing judgment for the greater good.


Did Mrs. Smith merit the sympathy of her children? Only time will tell, but seemingly no.

This is beside the point. Mickey expressed his love in other, purer ways. Mickey always did just what he wanted, knowing that his mother always wanted him to be fulfilled in his every action. He also refused to follow many, if not all, of his mother’s directives as a loving demonstration of the strength of will which she instilled in him, her lovely baby boy. Maybe his most endearing quality was that he would feign intense anger and impatience if dinner were even a moment delayed, knowing that mom loved to cook and deserved his encouragement.

Yes, Mickey’s mother was so fortunate to have the opportunity to make so many personal sacrifices for such a special boy.

– Mickey’s mother was kind enough to pen the about the author section for her son’s book with almost no regrets or reservations.

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