Don’t Think I Forgot About This Brian McCann

Last week the Houston Astros signed Brian McCann, a move that cemented what fans and Sports Illustrated already knew. 2017 is the year.

I can’t jinx this more than SI already did.

I could not be more hyped, but just a quick note to my new boy Brian, I haven’t forgotten this:

McCann belted a homer off of Roger Clemens in his first playoff at bat in a move that broke my 13 year-old heart.

Sometimes you’ve gotta bring a heartbreaker into the mix and turn him into a heart mender. I’m okay with that, I’ll gladly accept a World Series title as payment for the damages.

And if the rumors pointing Carlos Beltran in Houston’s direction are true… 2017 is gonna be a blast from the past, might even pull out my old Motorola RAZR to celebrate.

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