Those in History

Those in history don’t know the story that will be told. They are actors in a movie whose audience they cannot fathom. While each is the protagonist in their unique experience, time makes the ultimate theatric decision. So how does one chart a path away from infamy with surety? Here history gives us telling clues. Those who seek power and glory for their own sakes may gleam in their time, but year after year these legacies tellingly rust and rot away, revealing the unflattering vanity beneath. Any undertaking to narrow the band of human diversity has similarly been categorically seen to be foolish and those that pursue such a route are the most monstrous creatures in our histories. So how is one to march towards posterity with a head held high, confident in a generous reception? Perfection is not required; but a basic desire for the betterment of man is surely a prerequisite. Those that seek power and glory aim to raise themselves above the masses. Those that seek to eliminate the dissimilar look to lower opposition into oblivion. Those that strive, no matter in how small an increment, towards the betterment of all above the enrichment of themselves, they seek to raise the entirety of mankind to one level where each may look the other in the eye and honestly exchange ideas without fear of reprimand. Nobody can know how one’s culture will age, or how it’s appearance may decay and warp through the ages. What one can know is that no leader, participant, or onlooker has ever been remembered fondly for their closed-mindedness, obstinacy, or inability to adapt to a changing world.

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