Fuck I think I was wrong

In my most recent post I made a plea that Democrats not categorically dismiss Trump supporters as uneducated bigots. However, by the end of day 2 I have read enough anecdotes about empowered bigots and felt like crying for the poor victims enough that I think I might have been wrong.

Maybe people don’t always act from some sense of justice, no matter how twisted. It certainly seems like a small but vocal slice of Trump supporters were just waiting for an opportunity to be racist assholes.

As I said in my last article, I don’t think it ever wise to overly generalize, but to what extent must one avoid ever satisfying the most vile demographics? Would many Trump supporters be happy knowing that they unwittingly gave racists, sexists, and xenophobes of all stripes an implicit green light? I can’t imagine that many would.

As irrationally hopeful as I tried to be following his election, I fear that it is going to continue to grow increasingly harder to reconcile my belief in the country as it is structured, and in the rule of law, should reports of heinous treatment of those who are not white males continue. I mean for fucks sake, are they idiots? Do they really not realize that there is no such thing as a white Native American? America’s greatest strength should be that we are a creedal society based purely upon values and, supposedly, not founded along ethnic lines. Fuck it though, let’s become the 21st century version of 20th century Germany.

The saddest thing is a lot of good people voted for Trump and accidentally empowered the dregs of society.

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