Dexter McCluster: Former Football Player

“The veteran running back fractured his forearm during a household accident involving the movement of luggage, sources said Saturday.” – San Diego Union Tribune

I’ve got some beef with Mr. McCluster.

After being drafted to my fantasy team by my fiancee because he had a funny name (lots of good players with funny names in the NFL btw…) he was almost immediately released by the Titans.

I kept him around for his locker room presence, and in the hope that maybe, just maybe he could fill the void in my lineup left by Danny Woodhead.

It was not to be, Dexter is likely done with his football career after suffering a freak luggage injury in his home.

One the one hand this will be a nice opportunity for Dexter to spend more time in his lab, but on the other it raises an interesting question.

Is my fiancee cursed? 🤔🤔🤔

The numbers don’t lie. 100% of fantasy players she has drafted have had their careers ended the following season.

More to come on this investigation, but Theo keep your phone line open… there may be another hot curse available for you to break.

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