Why I’m fading Joe (and you should too)

I’ve had a long standing theory that fading Joe’s picks is one of the surest shots out there towards building a secure financial future.

If you’ve ever wished you’d invested in Apple before the Macintosh, Starbucks before the PSL, or hats before the Trump campaign. This is that type of opportunity.

At a certain point I had to face the facts and accept that I was being irresponsible by not taking action.

So I’m putting my money where my mouth is and fading Joe’s NFL/CFB picks each week. If Pardon My Take can win using a goldfish, I should be able to win using a borderline autistic sports fanatic.

If you’re still in doubt, take a peek at these winners.

“Also maybe the lock of the century is northern Illinois -10 vs Wyoming late night. Wyo stinks and northern Illinois is borderline top 25” – Joe

Northern Illinois 24 / Wyoming 40

“BC over Clemson. Heard it here first” – Joe

Clemson 56 / Boston College 10


Honestly… my main concern is that I won’t fit in with my new neighbors in the Hamptons.

Every championship season starts at 0-0.


God help me.

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  1. Well, I ignored your advice on Apple stock as a 16y/o who was killing it in his high school class’ fake stock market. Maybe it’s time I took some notes…

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